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First Impressions of Earth

A Moment of Calm♡【英語でブログ】




Last week it was my birthday.

I was so happy to receive beautiful Oriental lilies, warm birthday cards,

messages and lovely chocolate gifts.   I love my family and friends. 

I also miss my foreign friends so much.

You are always in my heart even though we're miles apart.  

Please take care and stay safe♡

Everyone walks alone, but we can travel side by side.

The thing that counts the most in the pursuit of happiness is 

choosing the right traveling companion, I think.

Friends Forever Wherever Whenever♡ FFWW!

One of the greatest things we can do together is to share.

Sometimes life is hard, so we'll just have to wait in the meantime. 

It takes time, like trying to build bridges.... but we will be just fine.

Anyway, let's be grateful to people who make us happy today.  

Because we are just the same on earth, really. 

What do we live for, if it's not to make life less difficult for each other?

Everything that is done in the world is done by HOPE.








Chocolate  Ganache

Kanagawa, Ebina "Rorian" 



大好き😊 ありがとうでした♡