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First Impressions of Earth

Serendipity 【英語でブログ】



I had a quiet and relaxing afternoon with a friend.  
We enjoyed Hanami and after that, took a little walk around there.  
It was a great view and so peaceful...♡ 
People often say that nature is the best physician.
I said Goodbye to the sad feelings and threw them all away at that moment.
Because my heart was filled with sunshine and the blossoms. 
Although, everything that has existed in the universe, lingers in the
eternity, so you don't have to worry. 
Sakura was in full blossom and it made me feel that
human beings are so insignificant.
I felt ashamed that I often complain about something small.
BTW, how do we stop the meanness becoming a vicious cycle?
Some people are literally so mean and rude in this world, you know.
But I'm fine if I have a few good friends in my life, actually♡ 
Thinking of you who is always very dear and close to my heart.
In the wind, I hear your voice.  You add colour and light to my life.